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Blueberries may lower cardiovascular risk by up to 20 percent

The phytochemicals that give blueberries their blue color can significantly improve cardiovascular health, finds a new two-part study. The positive effect that blueberries can have on blood pressure is comparable to that of hypertension drugs. Dubbed “the silent killer” because it has no visible symptoms in its early stages, hypertension affects approximately 1 in 3… Read More »

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Sometimes I think my brain is out to kill me. It tells me things like: “You don’t matter”“You suck!”“Go ahead and drink, no one will know – or care.”“You’re always going to feel like this.” In other words, it defies logic. My brain has a mind of its own, and it doesn’t always make sense.… Read More »

FDA proposes new sunscreen regulations

The proposal, announced Thursday, is available for public review and comment for the next 90 days and addresses the safety of common sunscreen ingredients, as well their dosage forms, sun protection factor (SPF) and broad-spectrum requirements. It also addresses labeling, aiming to make it easier for consumers to identify key product information. “Since the initial… Read More »