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First Edition: April 29, 2019

Today’s early morning highlights from the major news organizations. Kaiser Health News: Will Ties To A Catholic Hospital System Tie Doctors’ Hands? As Catholic health care systems across the country expand, the University of California’s flagship San Francisco hospital has become the latest arena for an emotional debate: Should the famously progressive medical center increase… Read More »

Weed Day 2019: On 420 Day Let’s Explore Some Places in India Which Have Clean & Best Quality Marijuana

Representational Image (Photo Credits: @thoughtcatalog/ unsplash.com/ pixabay) April 20 is celebrated as Weed Day all over the world. Also called as 420 by the avid lovers of marijuana, it is day that celebrates the cannabis culture. While medicinal usage of the drug in weed is allowed in some parts of the world, in India, we… Read More »