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Here is why white folks are fueling the opioid crisis, study says

The opioid crisis is at the center of a national disparity in how the public views and responds to drug addiction, according to a study published Monday in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine. The health care community funnels too many drugs to low-income white patients, triggering addiction, while people of color who… Read More »

St. Luke's rev cycle director says automation, patient self-servicing empower patients and yield strong results

When you’re a major health system in Idaho, a state that didn’t expand Medicaid and has both a low income and education level, and you’re operating with 1,100 beds, 14,000 employees and a 40 percent risk-based revenue model, there’s a big incentive to be efficient. Beyond efficiency, Michael Rawdan, senior director of revenue cycle and… Read More »